Small Red Star Bromeliad
Small Red Star Bromeliad

Small Red Star Bromeliad

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Red Star Bromeliad

Cryptanthus Bivittatus

The Red Star Bromeliad is an adorable addition to any plant collection. This tiny plant gets bigger, up to 12 inches! After it flowers it slowly starts degrading, but that's okay because new pups will grow in! It is also an epiphyte, which is similar to Air plants but, this particular little guy needs soil to grow. In the wild they grow in colonies, and it can be quite the site to see!

Mist your Red Star occasionally to keep it happy. It also likes bright indirect light. They are very low maintenance while bringing a touch of the tropics into your home! If the colour's start to fade move it to a brighter location.

 Lighting Bright Light
 Water lightly at roots, and mist occasionally
 Humidity high
 Skill Level Beginner.
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Air purifying, high humidity