Small Red Wandering Jew
Small Red Wandering Jew

Small Red Wandering Jew

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Red Wandering Jew  

Tradescantia zebrina
Origin: Mexico

Wandering Jew Plants are typically easy to care for! They have gorgeous foliage that pops in any room. Tradescantia zebrina is named for its zebra-like leaves, which are creamy white and green striped, and a deep purple underside. It appears almost metallic.

Wandering Jew plants make great hanging baskets because of their long trailing canes. They thrive in bright indirect lighting, which will keep its foliage vibrant. With just the right amount of light it may even flower! Keep their soil evenly moist. Wandering Jew plants can sometimes use some pruning, as they can get quite leggy.

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 Lighting Grows best in bright indirect light
 Water Water deeply. Keep soil evenly moist, but do not over water. 
 Humidity Normal
 Fertilize Fertilize twice in the growing season
 Skill Level Beginner.
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Easy Care, Bright Light, Good for Hanging Baskets