Small String of Pearls
Small String of Pearls

Small String of Pearls

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String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

Origin: Southwest Africa

This unique bead like or 'string of pearls' is a creeping perennial succulent vine from the Asteraceae family. It is a drought tolerant succulent that needs well drained soil that is suitable for cacti. It is very low maintenance. 

This plant looks great in hanging baskets were it can cascade down the planter to show off its unique evergreen vines with spherical leaves. Their stems can grow between 2 and 3 feet! On the ground, the stems of the pearls root where they touch forming dense mats. This is a great addition to any plant lover's collection. 

White daisy-like flowers can appear in the summer in small clusters. While these flowers aren't very showy, they are quite fragrant. Dry air won't hurt this succulent.

 Lighting Bright indirect light
 Water Soak the soil thoroughly in when watering, then make sure to let the topsoil dry out completely before watering again
 Humidity Average 
 Fertilize  Feed once a month from spring through fall with a standard liquid fertilizer diluted by half.
 Skill Level Beginner.
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Bright Light, Succulent, Low Maintenance