donkey tail succulent
Small Succulent Donkey Tail

Small Succulent Donkey Tail

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Succulent Donkey Tail

Sedum morganianum
Origin: Mexico

Also known as Burro's tail, lamb's tail, or Horse's tail, Donkey tail is a very popular, easy-to-grow, attractive, trailing succulent with tear-drop shaped leaves. This plant looks great in hanging baskets or cascading over the sides of containers. Donkey Tail plants can produce star-shaped pink, red or lavender flowers 

While easy to care for, Donkey's Tail do not like cold drafts from windows or doors. Well drained soil is required to keep your succulent happy. Donkey Tail succulents do well when their roots are slightly root bound in smaller pots. 

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 Lighting Bright indirect light
 Water Water thoroughly. Discard excess water. Allow soil to dry out completely between watering. Less water is required in the winter. 
 Humidity  Average 
 Fertilize Once a month during growing season
 Skill Level  Beginner.
 Other Benefits Indoor Flowering, easy care, trailing