Tanglefoot Sticky Aerosol Pest Control

Tanglefoot Sticky Aerosol

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Tanglefoot Sticky Aerosol

Want to know what's invading your garden before it's too late? Now you can trap and monitor pests without the use of harmful pesticides with Tangle-Trap®. Tangle-Trap Coatings are ready to use and will remain sticky until covered with insects or foreign matter. Use Tangle-Trap® to re-coat existing traps or create custom traps and protect your garden.

Overview & Benefits

  • Trap and monitor ants, flies, beetles
  • Use in gardens, greenhouses, yards, orchards and fields
  • Re-coat and create traps that monitor invasive garden pests
  • Effective and pesticide-free
  • Several sizes and formulas for any application


  • Shake well before using and often during use
  • Spray upright 6" from trap surface
  • Spray with a sweeping motion on trap surface
  • Traps can be made with waxed cardboard, glass, wood or other non-porous surfaces
  • Place traps in desired location away from children and pets to avoid accidental contact

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