Acorn Squash Table King Organic - West Coast Seeds

Acorn Squash Table King Organic - West Coast Seeds

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Acorn Squash Table King 

  • Produces 800g (1.5lb) fruits
  • Flavour improves in storage
  • Open-Pollinated Seeds
  • Matures in 105 days

C. pepo. Table King Organic squash seeds are an All America Selections Winner for compact growth, uniformity, and flavour. It's also pretty fast maturing, so a good choice for growers with shorter seasons. The bushy plants stay only around 1m (3') in diameter, but bear five to eight 800g (1.5 lb) acorn squash each. The fruits are very dark skinned, with pale orange, fibreless, sweet flesh, and the flavour actually improves with storage. This space saving variety is a great choice for urban growers or for high-yield field production. Store the fruits in a cool, dry place, and they will last for months.

2g (approx. 26 seeds)