Cauliflower Goodman Organic - West Coast Seeds

Cauliflower Goodman Organic - West Coast Seeds

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  • Superior flavour
  • Pure white, well-protected heads
  • Deep curds and tender florets
  • Productive in early season
  • Matures in 80-90 days

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Even earlier than Amazing, with very nice 25cm (10"), pure white, well-protected heads on tall, wispy plants. Goodman Organic cauliflower seeds produce plants that have a tight harvest window, but they're productive earlier in the season than most others. Curds are deep with tender florets and superior flavour. Goodman makes a decent open pollinated, organic substitute for Amazing. It's a sensible early season choice for home gardeners or market growers. Plants grow to around 45cm (18") tall. Transplant into rich, fertile soil and apply a balanced organic fertilizer at transplant time.

These seeds are coated with an inert, organic form of graphite. This helps to minimize clumping in storage and seed sowing machines. The coating is approved by organic certifiers in Canada, the US, EU, and Japan.

0.1g (approx. 42 seeds)