Cauliflower Snow Crown - West Coast Seeds

Cauliflower Snow Crown - West Coast Seeds

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Snow Crown

  • Easiest to grow
  • Very mild and sweet flavour
  • Amazing vigour and rapid growth
  • Maintains table readiness
  • Matures in 60 days

Snow Crown cauliflower seeds produce one of the easiest to grow of all early cauliflower varieties. The fully domed curds average 18-20cm (7-8″) across. Snow Crown holds its flavour in the garden. It develops a soft pink blush in the heat of the summer but keeps its flavour. The pinkness can be minimized by tying its wrapper leaves overhead. Learn when to plant cauliflower seeds and how to transplant cauliflower seedlings in our How to Grow Cauliflower tab located below. Cauliflower is surprisingly easy to grow, but there are some tried and true tips that will help you have better success. Matures in 56 to 60 days. (Hybrid seeds)

0.1g (approx. 17 seeds)

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