Cauliflower White Blend - West Coast Seeds

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White Blend

    • Three cauliflower varieties
    • Long harvest period
    • Stagger planting for even longer harvest
    • Fresh and nutritious cauliflower

The White Cauliflower Blend combines three different white cauliflower varieties with three different maturity dates. This means that your whole crop won't come ready at once from a single planting. Rather, you can just keep picking as they mature - stretching your market or home garden harvest. Try staggering your planting, too. Plant one tray in early spring, and a second tray three to four weeks later. Then harvest from early summer to the beginning of fall, fresh nutritious cauliflower. Practice strict crop rotation with all your Brassicas, being sure not to plant these in the same spot in your garden year after year. This is the best way to avoid soil borne plant diseases.