Chickpeas Kabuli - West Coast Seeds
Organic Chickpeas Kabuli - West Coast Seeds

Organic Chickpeas Kabuli - West Coast Seeds

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Cicer arietinum

  • Certified organic
  • High in protein
  • Ancient super food
  • Open pollinated

The humble Kabuli chickpea is a staple food crop all over the world, and has been in cultivation for over 7,500 years. Its subtle flavour makes and excellent vehicle for garlic, herbs, and spices and it is an excellent source of protein, fibre, and minerals. The relatively dainty plants grow 20-50cm (8-20") tall, with feathery leaves and white flowers that may be streaked with pink or blue. The pods each contain two (occasionally three) edible seeds. The pods themselves can be steamed and eaten whole with the seeds inside, but the seeds are usually extracted and dried. The seeds can be sprouted, dried, eaten fresh, and even pounded into gram flour (besan). As a legume, the plant fixes nitrogen in the soil, which makes it suitable as a cover crop or companion plant. Note that each plant only forms a few pods, so numerous plants are needed for large production.

Matures in 100 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

50g (Approx. 95 seeds)

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