Chicory Zidane - West Coast Seeds

Chicory Zidane - West Coast Seeds

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  • Early development of compact heads
  • Excellent flavour and heavy wait
  • Outstanding for baby leaf production
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 65 days

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A type of frisee endive with very fine, branched leaves. Zidane Frisee Organic Chicory Seeds produce a frisee endive variety that is tolerant to necrosis, and is known for its early development of compact heads. With excellent flavour and its heavy weight, this is an outstanding market variety for whole head or baby leaf production. Plants can be blanched by bunching the outer leaves together at the top with an elastic band, or by placing a cardboard disc over the plants before harvest. Blanched endive is a bit sweeter, and even sweeter when lightly cooked.

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