Collards Champion - West Coast Seeds

Collards Champion - West Coast Seeds

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  • Steam, boil or stir fry
  • Can be gathered all winter
  • Dark-green, cabbage-like, thick leaves
  • Cold-hardy
  • Matures in 60-80 days

Champion collard seeds are cold-hardy member of the cabbage family is grown for cooked greens. Compact, handsome plants with dark-green, cabbage-like, thick leaves are borne on short stems. They are gathered all winter and can be steamed, boiled, or stir-fried well into spring. Treat Champion collard seeds exactly as you would kale seeds. They are both super cold hardy, but can tolerate summer heat no problem. We recommend using the immature leaves of Champion, because when they reach full size, they need a degree of cooking to make them tender again.

1g (approx. 340 seeds)

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