Lettuce Cardinale Organic - West Coast Seeds

Lettuce Cardinale Organic - West Coast Seeds

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    • Crisphead
    • Red and green Batavian lettuce
    • Leave to mature for loosely wrapped heads
    • Open pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 60 days

Cardinale organic crisphead lettuce seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This large, red and green Batavian lettuce produces nicely crunchy, loose, thick leaves for cut salads. Then, if left to mature, it grows into a beautiful loosely wrapped crisp head. Its slightly savoyed leaves have a wavy margin. Cardinale is red French leaf variety with upright growth, so there are less problems with bottom rot. It is slow to bolt and tip-burn resistant, so it makes an excellent lettuce for summer harvests, and it can stand fairly low temperatures as well.

Lettuce can be harvested from the garden from late spring to the late fall, and sometimes (given a bit of protection) all winter. The high protein chlorophyll in the dark-green leaves is highly nutritious. Salads are not complete without these leafy greens.

0.5g (approx. 485 seeds)

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