Lettuce Hampton - West Coast Seeds

Lettuce Hampton - West Coast Seeds

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Hampton Lettuce

  • Fast growing
  • Slow bolting
  • Pelleted seeds
  • Open pollinated seeds

Lettuce seeds  produce a voluminous oak leaf lettuce with a high leaf count and dark, shiny leaves. It has the same fast growth rate as the other Eazyleaf® products, but is much slower to bolt in summer. So it's better for year round salad production. Nice flavour, good texture, and easy harvest by hand or machine.

This lettuce is part of the Eazyleaf® series of lettuces bred for ease of harvest. Cut the head from the ground and make a single cut around the short stem, and the leaves fall perfectly away for an instant salad. This will speed up market production for salad mixes.

25 seeds

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