Lettuce Steamboat - West Coast Seeds

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Steamboat lettuce seeds produce the best iceberg heading lettuce for summer harvest, Steamboat produces uniform, well-wrapped, firm, crisp heads. This lettuce is highly resistant to corky root and downy mildew. Steamboat was one of the highlights of our lettuce trials, producing crisp heads of iceberg lettuce with high water content and good crunchy texture for salads and sandwiches. Steamboat lettuce seeds are pelleted in an organic, inert clay material that makes them easier to handle, easier to see in the soil, suitable for machine seeding. When using pelleted seeds, be sure to keep the planted seed bed uniformly moist until germination. If the bed dries out, the clay in the pellet can draw moisture from within the seed which will result in lower germination rates.

  • great for summer harvest
  • firm, crisp heads
  • resistant to corky root and downy mildew
  • pelleted seeds
  • Matures in 65 days
  • 50 seeds