Mescluns Tangy Blend - West Coast Seeds

Mescluns Tangy Blend - West Coast Seeds

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Our Tangy Mesclun seed blend is a unique mix of red and green lettuce, combined with spicy arugula, endive, green onions, and upland cress. Cut and use for your salad or as a salad topper to provide extra zing to salads all year long. The cold hardy plants can be grown in patio containers nearly year round if they are protected from frost. Or try this zesty blend in the Growlight Garden, and simply grow it indoors. Cut with scissors, and this blend should grow back for at least a second, if not third, harvest.

    • Tart and tantalizing
    • A unique, tangy blend
    • Red and green lettuce for colour
    • Contains 4 additional tangy greens
    • Use for salads or salad toppers to add zing

5g of Seeds

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