Mustard Deep Purple - West Coast Seeds

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Deep Purple

  • Medium-hot mustard flavour
  • Intense deep purple colour
  • A great component for salads
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 20-25 for baby greens

The deepest purple baby leaf mustard we've ever seen! Japanese Deep Purple Mustard Seeds make a great component for salad mixes because the intense leaf colour and medium-hot mustard flavour. Harvest baby greens in as little as 20-25 days! Mustard greens are surprisingly cold hardy and may grow all winter given some protection from really hard frost. Try planting this cold hardy mustard in a raised bed in September. Add a cloche cover by mid-October, and enjoy the greens throughout the winter. Or try some of the seeds as microgreens, grown indoors using artificial light. They're spicy and full of flavour.

1g (approx. 568 seeds)