Onion Pacific 22 - West Coast Seeds

Onion Pacific 22 - West Coast Seeds

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Onion Pacific 22

Allium cepa

  • Scallion
  • Mild
  • Makes great pickling onions
  • Vigorous root system
  • Matures in 65 days
  • 1g (approx. 315 seeds)
Sow Pacific 22 scallion seeds every two to three weeks from March through September for a continuous, year-round harvest of scallions. This variety forms a very cute bulb or marble sized pearl onion, but its flavour remains mild throughout the year. The pearl onions can be used raw, cooked, in salads, or pickled. Pacific 22 is more day neutral than most other onions, meaning that it will reliably form its little bulb whenever and wherever it is planted. At the immature stage, it is a very fine scallion with appealing, crisp texture. Try growing some in containers on your patio or even in a window box


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