Peppers Mad Hatter - West Coast Seeds

Peppers Mad Hatter - West Coast Seeds

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Capsicum baccatum. This eye-catching variation on the Bishop's Cap pepper variety is a new, award winning hybrid with superior plant vigour and higher yield than its OP cousins. The flattened disc shaped pods of Mad Hatter provide a crisp and crunchy texture for snacking at the mature green or red stage. Grown in arid conditions, the peppers will take on a slight heat around the seed cavity, but otherwise the flesh remains sweet and mild. This All America Selections Winner grows to a maximum height of 122cm (48"), but it's suitable for large containers and super productive in open field or high tunnel settings.

Quick Facts:

    • C. baccatum
    • Hybrid vigour
    • Better yields
    • Crisp, sweet flesh
    • AAS Award Winner
    • 10 seeds

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