Organic Quinoa French Vanilla - West Coast Seeds
Quinoa French Vanilla Organic - West Coast Seeds

Organic Quinoa French Vanilla - West Coast Seeds

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Chenopodium quinoa

  • Certified organic quinoa seeds
  • Grows 2-2.4m (6-7') tall
  • Productive plants
  • Attractive ornamentals
  • Open-pollinated seeds

CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Its large seed heads look like overloaded ice cream cones. This new variety reaches 2-2.4m (6-7') tall. Plants produce fewer branches when spaced 30cm (12") apart in rows 40cm (16") apart. The large heads ripen uniformly, making harvest more straightforward than in varieties with many large branches. French Vanilla quinoa seeds are white or buff in colour. The best way to harvest quinoa seeds is to use a large paper yard waste bag. Once the seed heads have been allowed to dry completely, they can be bashed about into the bag, which will catch all the seeds and chaff. The seeds are more dense than the chaff, so they can be winnowed by tossing upwards and catching in a bowl. The chaff should blow off bit by bit, leaving only the seeds behind.

Matures in 100 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

2g (Approx. 560 seeds)

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