Spinach Avon - West Coast Seeds

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Avon spinach seeds, a semi-savoy variety, works well for spring and early summer planting, and also performs well in the fall. This variety also performs well for early spring seeding. Stagger the sowings of this speedy grower for a longer harvest in spring to early summer, and then again from late summer 'til frost. Avon's large, tender, dark green, lightly crinkled leaves have a wonderful flavour either cooked or raw in salads. Slow to bolt, and resistant to powdery mildew races 1 and 2. Sow some more spinach in the third week in August for a short fall crop. This will grow back very early the following spring for early harvests.

  • Wonderful flavour
  • Large, tender, crinkled leaves
  • Resistant to mildew races 1 and 2
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 44 days
  • 5g (approx. 290 seeds)