Spinach Corvair Organic - West Coast Seeds

Spinach Corvair Organic - West Coast Seeds

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  • High yielding plants
  • Versatile, adaptable, oval leaves
  • High resistance to downy mildew
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 45 days

Corvair Organic spinach seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Corvair Organic is a versatile, adaptable spinach with nice, oval-shaped, thick leaves that are upright in stature. High yielding plants are super productive in spring and autumn. Hybrid vigour means fast growth and a high level of resistance to downy mildew - and that means better productivity in damp coastal settings. Provide the frost protection of a cloche greenhouse or cold frame for planting as early as March 1st, and as late as October. Take advantage of the long stretches of cool weather we get by planting short rows of spinach seeds every two to three weeks.

5g (approx. 320 seeds)

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