Spinach Escalade Organic - West Coast Seeds

Spinach Escalade Organic - West Coast Seeds

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Spinach Escalade

Quick Facts:

    • Slow growing
    • Certified organic
    • Upright growth
    • Matures in 43 days
    • Hybrid seeds

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Slow growth and high bolt resistance make Escalade Organic spinach seeds a superb choice for all season growing on the coast and elsewhere. The tasty leaves are oval an slightly savoyed, growing upright for easy harvest. Escalade has very high resistance to downy mildew. This is a fine product for producing early spring and early fall salad greens. Several cuttings can be taken for market growers. For home gardeners, a long harvest period of picking individual leaves is possible, or allowing the plants to grow to a larger size and cutting the full head.

Matures in 43 days. (Hybrid seeds)

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