Agastache Licorice Mint - West Coast Seeds

Agastache Licorice Mint - West Coast Seeds

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Agastache foeniculum

  • Perennial
  • Licorice-scented leaves
  • Tall spikes of edible flowers
  • Non-invasive mint
  • Grows to heights of 120cm

    With heavily licorice-scented leaves and tall spikes of edible lavender flowers, Licorice Mint has been used medicinally for generations. It also happens to be one of the key suppliers of nectar to Skippers and other butterflies and is highly attractive to bees. A beautiful non-invasive mint for the corner of the garden. Also known as Anise Hyssop. Agastache seeds grow to heights of 120cm (48").

    Companion Planting: Agastache is fragrant and highly attractive to pollinating insects. Plant a row of Agastache away from the garden to lure cabbage moths away from Brassica crops. Avoid planting near radishes.


    0.1g (Approx. 322 Seeds)

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