Cauliflower Walcheren Winter - West Coast Seeds

Cauliflower Walcheren Winter - West Coast Seeds

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Brassica oleracea

  • Self-covering heads
  • Dense with tight curds
  • Overwintering type
  • Late winter or early spring harvest
  • Matures in 300 days

This overwintering cauliflower was a big hit in our trials. The densely packed heads are 10-15cm (4-6") in diameter on large plants and will withstand frost from -12 to -19°C (16 to -5°F) depending on wind and snow cover. Walcheren Winter does not start curd formation until after the winter frosts so expect to harvest in late winter to early spring. Timing is critical: Aim to grow a plant about 15cm (6") tall by first fall frost. Start in May through June indoors and transplant by mid-August into well-drained soil in a spot protected from wind. If seeding outdoors in a nursery bed, plant a little earlier. Space plants at 60 x 75cm (24 x 30"). In spring when they start to leaf out, sprinkle a balanced organic fertilizer around the base of each plant.

0.25g (Approx. 63 Seeds)

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