Begonias 101

Begonias 101

With over a thousand varieties, Begonias are famous for their rose-like appearance and ability to create beautiful hanging baskets, window boxes and all other containers! Not only do Begonia's make the perfect container plant, but they can also be used for bedding in shadier areas! Let's see what else there is to learn about Begonias.

About Begonias

Originating in the tropics of Central and South America and parts of Africa. Begonia's enjoy the moisture and shade that tropical rainforests have to offer. Over centuries we have cultivated Begonias to grow in the warmer and dryer conditions that we have to offer in North America. 

It is said that when given a Begonia it can represent uniqueness, caution and/or gratitude. Though each and every colour of Begonias possesses its own unique symbol. Pink Begonias represent romance and love. Blue Begonias represents creativity or passion. Yellow Begonias represents wealth and happiness.


With thousands of varieties in different colours and shapes, there are four main types of Begonias; Fibrous, Tuberous, Canes and Rhizomatous.

Fibrous Begonias are known for their waxy appearance with round leaves. Performing well in both partial shade to full sun. Varieties that fall under the Fibrous Begonias category include Cane Begonias and Dragon-wing Begonias.

(Pink Waxed Begonia)
 Light  Partial shade to full sun
 Temperature  23 C 
 Soil  Rich, well drained soil
 Moisture  Prefers neither too dry nor too wet. Aim for 1 inch of water per week.

Cane Begonias are sometimes called "Angel Wing" Begonias for their uniquely-shaped, spotted wings. Cane Begonias are easy to grow and flower year-round indoors when cared for in the right conditions. Varieties that fall under Cane Begonias include Polka Dot Begonia, Albo Picta and Tamaya.

(Albo Picta)
 Light  Bright indirect sunlight
 Temperature  18-23C
 Soil  Rich, well-drained soil
 Moisture  High-humidity

Tuberous Begonias offer big colourful blooms in shady areas that most flowering plants can't tolerate. They come in a variety of shapes and colours. Popular varieties of Tuberous Begonias include Double Begonia Cemlia OrangeFibriata White and Pendula Yellow.

(Double Yellow Begonia)
 Light  Shade, with afternoon sun
 Temperature  23C
 Soil  Rich, well-draining soil
 Moisture  Maintain medium moisture
Rhizomatous Begonias range from small table size plants to huge 3ft floor plants. Rhizomatous Begonias are known for their unique and robust foliage and not their flowers. Great indoor plants for bathrooms and kitchens, as they prefer low light and high humidity.
(Eyelash Begonia Tiger Paw)
 Light  Light shade, low-indirect sun
 Temperature  14-22C
 Soil  Rich, well-draining soil
 Moisture  Medium-low moisture

Planting Begonias

Whether you're looking to add colour in shady areas or create masterful hanging baskets with long-lasting blooms, Begonia's are just about in season for planting! Browse through our huge selection of Begonias to find your favourites. Also, check out the latest episode of Get Up and Grow with Gord Nickel and Jasmine Bala, below to learn more about planting your very own begonias this year.

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