Hyacinths 101

The flower of the sun god Appollo. Hyacinth represents the flower of peace, beauty, commitment, pride and pride. These Mediterranean natives can grow worldwide in both garden beds and containers. Learn everything there is to know about Hyacinths in this week's Blog, Hyacinths 101! Plus follow along as our President Gord Nickel shows us his favourite tips and tricks for growing Grape Hyacinths at home.


About Hyacinths

Hyacinth bulbs produce some of the best fragrances for spring! They grow in a cluster of flowers along their stalk and come in a variety of vibrant and pastel colors. Hyacinth flowers work well in perennial gardens, flower beds, walkways, and cut flower arrangements.

Early to mid flowering, Hyacinths prefer full to partial sun. Plant your hyacinth six inches deep and four inches apart from September until December with ten inch blooms appearing from March until April.

Performing great indoors or outdoors, hyacinths are deer resistant and grow well in containers. For added interest, try planting your hyacinths with Royal Star Magnolia! The similar bloom times of Hyacinths Magic Carpet ride and Magnolias will create a forever favourite display for years to come.

How To Plant Hyacinths

To enjoy plant your very own hyacinths below, try our easy to follow instructions to get started while the timing is right.

1.) Plant your hyacinth bulbs when the soil is 15C in well-draining soil with full sun or partial shade. Typically from September until December.

2.) Plant the bulbs six inches deep and four inches apart, with the pointed side of the bulb face up.

3.) Water your bulbs well and wait for spring!

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