How to Plant Indoor Forcing Bulbs

 How nice would it be to enjoy your fall planting bulbs while you wait for Spring!? To take your blooms indoors, we're here to share with you the best bulbs and best growing tips for growing indoor forcing bulbs this season. Just follow our easy "how to" guide below and you'll be growing in no time!

What are Indoor Forcing Bulbs?

Indoor Forcing bulbs are bulbs that have been tricked into blooming out of season. How do you trick a bulb intro growing outside of it's natural growing season? By providing the right growing conditions indoors! Popular varieties of indoor forcing bulbs are Paper White Narcissus, Amaryllis & Prepared Hyacinth!

How To Force Indoor Forcing Bulbs

Indoor Forcing Bulbs are surprisingly easy bulbs to bloom. Since they don’t need to be chilled, they can just be potted indoors and require minimal care. There are a few different options for planting each variety of indoor bulb. You can pot them up, place them in a decorative vase, or order ones that come coated in wax. The choice depends on how you want your display to look, and how much time you want to put into caring for the bulbs.


To enjoy indoor blooms throughout the winter as decorative displays, try our easy to follow instructions below to get started.

  1. Choose a pot with good drainage, and make sure to use well-draining soil.

  2. Plant the bulb close to the top of the soil. Only cover the bottom half of it.

  3. Give the bulb a good soak. Let water flow out of the drainage holes.

  4. Move the bulb to a sunny and warm location inside your home.

  5. Water sparingly. Keep the soil moist but do not soak it. Once growth starts to appear (green shoots will start to come out of the bulb) you can begin watering it regularly.

  6. Turn the pot every few days as it grows so your blooms grow straight up instead of leaning towards the sun.

  7. Once blooms start to appear, move the flower out of direct sunlight to prolong the lifespan of the flowers. 


To take your indoor bulbs to the next level, try planting bulbs like Amaryllis directly into your vase for a unique, long-lasting growing experience! Here's how...

  1. Choose a vase or container that you want to grow the bulb in. There are vases specifically designed for amaryllis if you don’t have any that would fit the bulb.

  2. Fill the bottom 2-4 inches with marbles or pebbles. Glass stones work well. Set your bulb on top of the glass or pebbles.

  3. Slowly pour water into the vase. Stop when the water is just below the bulb and is barely touching the roots.

  4. Place the vase in a sunny and warm location and soon you will see the roots growing out the of bulb and down into the pebbles. This will give the plant stability while also allowing it to take in more water.

  5. Make sure to rotate the vase every few days as it grows so your flowers grow straight.

  6. Top up the water any time it is needed, making sure to keep the water just below the bulb.

  7. Once blooms start to appear, move the flower out of direct sunlight to prolong the lifespan of the flowers. 

Waxed Bulbs

Sold as a novelty for gift giving during the holiday season and decorating the indoors with fresh blooms! Waxed bulbs don’t require soil or water because they come with all the nutrients they need sealed inside the wax, ready to grow completely on their own!

If potting bulbs or having to remember to top up the water in the vase doesn’t appeal to you, then waxed bulbs might be just what you’re looking for. Just make sure to rotate waxed bubs every few days to keep the flowers growing straight.

With so many options, both for growing styles and blooming variations, it’s hard to say no to adding Indoor Forcing Bulbs to your fall bulb wish list! Now available for pre-ordering online!


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