How To: Use Moss Poles

Are you tired of picking your plants up off the floors to clean your house? Or maybe you envision creating as much greenery as possible in a small space. In this week's blog, we're here to help your plants with a little 'pick me up' by showing you how to use one of our favourite tools, moss poles! From start to finish, our President Gord Nickel teaches Hannah Lepine his approach to using moss poles, plus we break it down for you in this week's blog, How To Use Moss Poles! 

What Are Moss Poles

Moss poles are a great tool used for helping plants grow in a specific direction. Most commonly, you can use moss poles to help plants to grow upwards instead of down. To do this, the moss pole is created using encased natural moss and plant wiring. This allows the pole to come in various widths and lengths for many different plant styles while also providing flexibility to bend in the direction you choose.

Not only do moss poles create direction and support for your plants, but the moss provides extra macro-nutrients that your plant would naturally get from living in the tropics. Plus! They retain moisture which is a fantastic way to add humidity.

Tip: Be sure to research your plant's full growth potential to decide which size pole you need.

When to Use Moss Poles

Using a moss pole isn't for all plant types. Generally speaking, you'll want a plant that grows longer than halfway up a small moss pole which is usually 16" tall. Moss poles perform best on plants that trail or vine. The most common plants include Monestera, Philodendron and Pothos!

Tips: Be sure to pair the moss pole size for your plant with a sizeable pot to ensure the plant doesn't tip over once it's nice and tall!

How To Use Moss Poles 

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