Top 5 Gifts Gardeners

If you are cutting it close to Christmas without having finished your shopping list, you're not alone. It's the busiest time of year for a reason! If you're on the move for some gift ideas for the gardener in your life, you're almost there. Not only do we know what gardeners need, but we also know what gardeners love! 


There is nothing like the moment you receive a gift that you have no use for. It's awkward, it's polite and it's about to collect dust in your closet. This year make sure you're spending your money on gifting someone something they'll use. Below are our 2021 top products used by gardeners nationwide that are great for that special gardener in your life.


Bone Meal 2-13-0

The perfect source of plant food for all gardeners. Bonemeal has been used since the dawn of agriculture. A long-term solution for reducing transplant shock and providing essential and organic nutrients throughout the growing season. Important for growing the healthiest of plants.


Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

A great addition to most small ponds, birdbaths or fountains. The brighter the sun, the better this fountain works. It`s easy to use. Simply place the fountain in the water and allow it to float. A few seconds after the sunlight hits the panels, the fountain will run. A joyful addition to any bird watcher's yard.


VEGETABLE - Zucchini Dark Green 

A reliable favourite with fine flavoured dark green courgettes. Courgettes are hugely versatile and easy to grow. They need regular watering and picking for good crops. Some courgettes can be grown successfully in pots on the patio.

HERB - Rosemary 

Rosemary has stiff stems with crisp, fir-like leaves and a strong, rich aroma. Dried leaves release more flavour if freshly crushed. Plant in full sun in the garden or a big container.

FLOWER - Cornflower Organic 

This hardy, drought-tolerant annual is easy to grow and self-seeds in the garden. The bright blue blooms on knee-high stems make a tasty and vibrant addition to summer salads and herbal tea mixtures – just pluck the petals and enjoy! Beautiful, delicious and easy to grow!


TerraTuff Nitrile & Nylon Gloves

Dry, oily or wet condition gloves for every garden task. Breathable and Nitrile coated to protect you from punctures and abrasions. Take care of the gardener in your life by protecting them while they work!


Check out the latest episode of Get Up and Grow below, for more unique gift ideas for the gardener in your life. Too many to choose from? Give the gift of giving your gardener exactly what they want and need throughout the year with one of our new E-Gift Cards! Happy holidays to you and yours this season. Stay tuned for more from Blogs from Wildwood Outdoor Living in 2022!

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