Top 5 New Year, New Garden

It's a new year and the world is ready for change! Whether it's the kind of change that gets you moving, grooving or growing, the year 2022 is a fresh start for us all. If you're looking for some inspiration for change in your garden this year, we've got your back. Let's make this year's garden your most impressive one yet with a few inspirational ideas to get you growing!

1. Conserve Water

If being more mindful of your consumption is something you've been considering, gardening offers many versatile ways to cut back not only on consumption but cost as well! A great way to save on your water bill is to use water from sources other than the hose. This year try one of the following alternative watering methods to take care of your plants and the planet.

  • Re-use old water from water bottles.
  • Use water retaining pots like terracotta pots.
  • Invest in a garden drip system that will allow for direct watering to your plant's root system using less water without any waste.
  •  Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater!

    2. Attract Wildlife

    Inviting wildlife into your landscapes and garden beds can be a great way to create a healthier ecosystem for your plants to grow stronger and healthier! Here are a few ways to gather more wildlife in your 2022 garden.

    • Introduce native plants to attract native species.
    • Look for bee-friendly or pollen-friendly plants to grow.
    • Attract birds with bird feeders, birdbaths and bird fountains.
    • Incorporate a freshwater source like a pond or fountain. 

      3. Plant Something New

      Sometimes planting something new doesn't always turn out and we can say that we tried. This year when it comes to planting something new, prepare for the best by trying some of these helpful tips.

      • Research your new plants to see what their optimal growing conditions are and if you're able to provide them with the care they need.
      • Find a garden forum to see what other gardeners are saying when it comes to tips and tricks when growing your new plant.
      • Check your soil, this is where your new plant going to call home. To make sure they like their new home you will want to ensure your soil is healthy and suitable for your new plants.
      • Is it an easy or difficult plant to grow? Knowing the difficulty of your new plant will allow you to understand if you have enough time and resources for the plant to thrive.

        4. Plan ahead

        Sometimes it's not until we see what someone else has to want it for ourselves. We experience this every year when spring comes and we wished we planted gorgeous tulips and ranunculus back in the fall, or when summer arrives and we missed out on scent of lilies because we didn't plant any bulbs in the spring. To help you plan ahead, try..

        • Planning out your with a calendar, marking reminders of what needs to be planted and when.
        • Draw out your landscape on a piece of paper and map out where you want your seasonal blooms to appear, and consider layering.
        • Pre-order your favourite seasonal blooms to ensure you get them on time.

          5. Propagate

          Love what you have already? Spread the love by propagating. It may seem intimidating to propagate one of your beloved plants but in the plant world, it's natural! Some plants even need to be propagated to grow stronger. This year focusing your skills on something you do well already could only help to grow to be an expert! 

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