Amaranth Cinco de Mayo - Renee&
Amaranth Cinco de Mayo
Heirloom Amaranth Cinco De Mayo
Amaranth Cinco de Mayo - Renee&

Amaranth Cinco de Mayo - Renee's Garden

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Amaranthus tricolor

  • Annual
  • Heirloom
  • Container Friendly

For a visual Fiesta in your garden, grow these modern cultivars of ancient New World plants. Our heirloom Cinco de Mayo is effortless to grow, loves hot weather and puts on a glorious late summer show of spectacular colors. The foliage of the branching 3 to 4 foot tall plants forms brilliant pinwheel rosettes of graceful draping leaves. We’ve chosen illuminating colors in electric yellow, molten scarlet-orange, magenta and a splendid multicolor for show-stopping displays that celebrate the sunshine all summer long.

Seed Count: Approx. 400 / Weight: 0.25 g

Plant In


Planting Depth

Space Seeds

Days to Germinate

Mature Height

March - May
Full sun
Cover lightly
7 - 10 days
3 - 4 feet


Summer/fall color

Frost tender


Sow seeds in full sun in ordinary well-worked garden soil in springtime once night temperatures reach 50°F (10°C). Space tiny seeds as thinly as possible. Cover very lightly with soil and keep moist until seedlings emerge in 7 to 10 days.


Five to six weeks before last frost date, sow seeds 1 inch apart in individual pots or a container of seed starting mix, cover lightly and keep moist. Provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant outside once danger of frost is over. Gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions before transplanting.


Final seedling spacing should be 12-18 inches apart, so they have room to grow and mature.


Plants explode with sky rocket colors when they come to maturity in late summer. These easy to grow, dramatic foliage Amaranths prefer a warm, dry location in good garden soil. When established, the tall bushy plants can tolerate drought and need no extra fertilizer, but must have good drainage. For better branching, pinch the main bud when plants are about 18 inches tall.

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