Winter Jasmine 101

Winter Flowering jasmine, or Jasminum Nudiflorum, is a beautiful variety of Jasmine that blooms during winter months in zones 6-10 from mid-winter until early spring. With bright yellow blooms, Winter Jasmine can provide a bit of extra cheer to get us through dark and cold Canadian winters. In this week's blog, we're here to share everything there is to know about Winter Flowering Jasmine! Plus, watch and learn as our own Gord Nickel shares a few tips and tricks for pruning your Winter Jasmine at home.

About Winter Jasmine

Belonging to the Oleacea family, Winter Jasmine is a deciduous shrub with a surprising relation to olive trees. Initially found in China and called 'Yingchun' meaning 'the flower that welcomes Spring,' Winter Jasmine is now grown worldwide in zones 6-10. When gifted with this beautiful bloom, it is said to symbolize feminity, inspiration, hospitality, love and community.

Growing Winter Jasmine

With long drooping branches, Winter Jasmine can grow up to four feet tall and seven feet wide unsupported, but with the help of good staking, they can reach as high as fifteen feet tall! So be sure to provide adequate spacing when mapping out the garden. If planted in the Spring, you can expect one-inch yellow blooms in the late winter. To do so, follow the care guide below and provide adequate pruning!

Sun Full to Partial Shade
Soil Well-drained soil (chalk, loamy, clay, sand)
Zone Zones 6 - 10
Water Water when the top inch of soil dries out
Fertilizer For extra blooms opt for a slow release fertilizer such as Power Bloom
Note Great for trellises and groundcover!

TIP: Watch out for pesky mealybugs and aphids! Though this plant is often disease-free, some problems may occur with these insects. In this case, use a gentle insecticide spray such as Schultz Insect Spray.

Pruning Jasmine 

Whether you decide to grow Winter Jasmine as groundcover, over fences, up trellises or along arbors, Winter Jasmine is a beautiful shrub that can provide pops of colour where, and especially when, you need it most. For tips and tricks on pruning your winter-blooming-beauty, check out the latest episode of Get Up and Grow to watch as our President Gord Nickel shows Hannah how to prune her Winter Flowering Jasmine plant in the latest Chek News episode 'Winter Flowering Jasmine' below.

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