Corn Caramel Crisp - West Coast Seeds

Corn Caramel Crisp - West Coast Seeds

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Caramel Crisp

    • (su) hybrid sweet
    • Bred for the caramel popcorn industry
    • Mushroom-shaped popcorn
    • Goss Wilt tolerant
    • Matures in 105 days
    • 10g (approx. 50 seeds)

These seeds are bred for making caramel corn. The shape helps delicious caramel coating to cling to the popped kernel. Great flavor and large size ensure that Caramel Crisp popcorn seeds are a treat for snacking even without a caramel coating! The sturdy corn plants are Goss Wilt tolerant and will yield large single ears. Originally bred for the caramel popcorn industry, Caramel Crisp Popcorn corn seeds produce single, large cobs with kernels that pop into huge, uniquely mushroom-shaped popcorn. As fresh corn goes, it is tasty and sweet. The sturdy plants are Goss Wilt tolerant.

10g (approx. 50 seeds)