Fall Bulbs 101

Smart Bulb Planting

Now that Fall is approaching, it's time consider which fall bulbs are the best choice for you to plant this season. A great way to do this might be to reflect on previous years. Perhaps you were surprised to find that your garden didn't have the beautiful smell you were looking for. Maybe after all your fall bulb planting efforts, your beautiful spring blooms were gobbled up by deer before you could even enjoy them. Your garden bed might have looked a little sparse and could use some fluff. Or maybe you could appreciate some pollinators to keep your garden at it's best. Whatever it is, we're going to help you pick the right fall bulbs for your garden this season. Here are a few important categories for you to consider when choosing your fall bulbs this season.

Deer Resistant 

Our friend the deer. As graceful and beautiful as they are, they don't always make great house guests. If they make their way to your yard it's not likely they're stopping by for a quick "how ya been". It's most likely that they're there to steal a bite of all your tasty new beautiful spring blossoms that you waited months and months to enjoy. We don't blame them, who wouldn't wander into a yard with dessert was growing from the ground up. If you have had this problem in the past the good news is that the solution is a lot easier than tangling string all over your garden. This fall, your best option is to consider planting bulbs that are resistant to deer. Meaning that deer won't be tempted by the taste of your garden, so they'll move on to the next yard (sorry neighbors). At Wildwood Outdoor Living, we have plenty of deer resistant options for you to choose from. If you have a deer problem, get longevity out of your garden with these deer-resistant fall bulbs.


Dutch Iris, Tiger Mix Thalia Narcissus   Allium, Tall Mix
Narcissus Spring Mix Snowdrop Single Scilla Siberica
Large flower crocus Katherine Hodgkin Bulgaricum
Ice Follies Giganteum Fullstar Blue


There are many reasons why you might want to attract bees to your garden. Bees are the primary pollinator for all of our produce and plants. Without bees our plants, produce and overall air quality would suffer. Thankfully, gardeners around the world are helping to take care of the declining bee population by planting resources for them to thrive and pollinate. If your garden looked tired last year, count on Mother Natures best pollinators to pick it back up again. When you attract bees to your garden, these pollinators will attract small ecosystems, creating healthier soil and water. Bee friendly bulbs will attract bees to your garden, letting your plants flourish and even multiply!


Orange Monarch Early Fantasy Yalta Crocus
Armeniacum Zonatus Tops Large Flowering Mix
Spring Mix Ruby Giant Fairy Garden


Who would have thought that not all flowers are fragrant? You walk by a flower, you smell it, and nothing?! No magical fragrance to keep you humming along with your day. Sometimes you learn the hard way by planting all your fall bulbs and when spring comes, it still smells like winter. If you enjoy the fragrant smell of spring, fresh cut flowers or crafting sachets, potpourri or essential oils, fragrant fall bulbs are perfect for you. Each flower beautifully crafted with it's own scent for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home.


Thalia Narcissi

Tall Allium Mix

Sun Shower Mix


Big Smile

Tulip Black Hero



Hello Spring


Daffodil Mix


Naturalizing your garden is just as it sounds. Inviting natural elements that are found outside of your garden in. These elements include non-invasive plants and that are indigenous to the area and the micro-organisms they attract. Proving you with richer soil and healthier, happier plants that come back year after year with little to no maintenance. Most often you will use short stock flowers when naturalizing, creating a layered garden affect for gardens that are missing some dimension.




Purple Crocus


Lady Killer

J.S. Dyt

Hello Spring


Fairy Garden




Blue Star Anemone


Zonatus Tops


After you've made your fall bulb selection, be sure to compare the different colors that are available in your bulb of choice. For a calmer feel, try choosing a cool color as your main focal point. For more energy, go with a warm primary color. You can then plan out your garden according to your individual bulb needs. If you're ever stuck, send us an email to info@wildwoodoutdoorliving.com and we will be happy to help you plan the perfect fall bulb arrangement.
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