Storing your Bare Root Roses

There are two methods to store your bare root roses, cool storage or “heeling in”.

Cool Storage (Storing for 1-7 days)

Check on the roses to make sure the canes and roots are healthy. The roots should be moist, not dry. moisten the roots as needed and wrap the roses in the plastic bag they came in. Store your roses in a dark and cool location with a temperature between 2 - 6℃ ( 35 - 42℉) like a garage, basement, or closet. Do not leave your roses in a location where they could freeze or warm up. Check on your roses every couple of days to make sure they remain moist and don’t have signs of mold or fungus growing.

“Heeling In” (Storing for 7-14 days)

To “heel in” roses, you need to create a temporary planting spot by either digging a trench in your garden or using a container with drainage holes. Before planting, make sure to soak your rose roots for a minimum of 2 hours to ensure they are well-hydrated. Using either a dug-out trench in your garden or a container, bury the roots and canes so only 2/3rds of the top is above the soil. Plant spacing and planting angle won't matter as this is temporary, so just use a hole or container deep and wide enough to fit them all together. After covering them with soil, water them so the soil settles in and fills any air pockets. Make sure the soil you plant it in neither stays too wet or dry. 

With either method, it is highly recommended that you plant them in their forever home as soon as possible.