All Dressed Up Weeks Grandiflora Rose Pink

All Dressed Up - Weeks Rose

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Every day can be a botanical formal occasion in your garden.
  • Suitable for zones 4 - 10
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Mild apple fragrance

 By introducing the rose All Dressed Up, with its long lasting and non-fading medium pink blossoms, the style and sophistication of your garden will elevate to classy and chic! Produced on long cutting stems, you can bring this elegance into your home by filling a vase with its classic old fashioned, cuppy and quartered flowers that are sure to dress up a room! Because of its vigorous tall and upright stature, this rose appears to be gowned in its large, dark green, glossy, and fashionable foliage, which displays enhanced disease resistance. Who wants to be All Dressed Up and ready to go in the most glamorous garden? 

 Big, soft pink blooms reliably bear 35 plus petals each for a very full appearance, and they appear in abundance throughout the long growing season. They also have a uniquely crisp, green apple fragrance. Old-fashioned in form, this grandiflora variety features clean, mid green foliage, an upright, well-branched growth habit and high-centered flowers that are perfect for fresh arrangements. Excellent disease resistance.


 Rose Type


 Growth Habit



Medium pink

 Fragrance Strength

Mild tea to fresh cut apple


Globular, cuppy, quartered & double

 Flower size


 Disease Resistance

Very good


4.5 - 5 ft


3 - 4 ft


Christian Bédard

 Year of Introduction


 Introduced by

Weeks Roses

 Suitable for zones

Zones 4 - 10

 Petal Count

35 to 50




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