Lavender Floribunda Angel Face - Weeks Rose
Lavender Floribunda Angel Face - Weeks Rose

Angel Face - Weeks Rose

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Angel Face has become a mainstay and highlight in many rose gardens.
  • Strong citrus fragrance
  • Suitable for zones 5 - 9
  • Medium lavender blooms with blushes of ruby
  • AARS award winner

Loads of ruffled lavender blossoms permeate the air with the strong perfume of sweet citrus flowers. A perennial favorite because of the low bushy habit, the nearly continual production of blooms, the unusual color, and the sweet fragrance. 


One of the best roses of the 20th Century. The purest lavender color with one of the strongest fragrances in modern roses. Ruffled petals add to the charm. A true Floribunda in habit. Established plants give the most bloom.


AARS winner 1969


 Rose Type Floribunda
 Growth Habit Rounded
 Color Clear, medium lavender with blushes of ruby
 Fragrance Strength Strong citrus
 Flowering Double, ruffled blooms
 Flower Size Medium
 Height 3 - 4 ft
 Width 3 ft
 Hybridizer Herbert Swim & O.L. Weeks
 Year of Introduction 1698
 Introduced by Conard-Pyle Co.
 Suitable for zones Zones 5 - 9
 Petal Count 25 to 30

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