Asparagus Purple Passion

Asparagus - Purple Passion, 5 Pack

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Asparagus is easy to grow and produces tender and delicious stalks.

Quick Facts

  • Add some interest to your vegetable displays.
  • Purple spears turn green when cooked.
  • Less stringy than other varieties.
  • 2 year old crowns.
  • Perishable.
  • 5 Pack.

Planting Instructions

Amend heavy soil with compost and till for better aeration, as asparagus need well-draining soil. Prepare trenches 15 cm (6”) deep, 10 cm (4”) wide and 90 cm (36”) apart. Plant crowns 40 cm (15”) apart in the trench, and cover with 5 cm (2”) of soil. Don’t fill in the entire furrow at once. Water thoroughly. Fill in the furrows with soil as new shoots gradually grow until the furrow is completely filled to ground level.

Water frequently and deeply. Asparagus beds come into full production after 3 years. It is best not to harvest until the second year. In the second year, harvest lightly for 2-3 weeks. In the third and following seasons, harvest 6-8 weeks each spring. To harvest stalks, run a knife just below the ground level, above the crown. Stop harvest cuttings in June. Asparagus grows to approximately 90 cm (36”) in height, by 60 cm (24”) in a spread. Store asparagus by wrapping the stem ends in damp paper towels or refrigerate stalks, tips up in a cup of shallow water.


F1 Hybrid - All Male


5" H

 Sun Requirements

Full Sun


Mid Season




Sweet, Mild Nutty Flavour

 Deer Resistant





March - April


April - June

 Plant depth


 Space apart


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