Begonia Fimbriata Yellow

Begonia Fimbriata Yellow

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A bright and cheerful flower, consisting of bright yellow petals that match their centers, they’re a perfect choice to brighten your home or garden, or simply if you like yellow! Begonias will rot if they are overwatered, so it is important to keep the soil just barely moist to prevent rotting from happening. They prefer an environment that is partial shade. Planting takes place between the months of March and May, with blooms forming between the beginning and the end of the summer.  

  • These garden begonias will bloom from June until frost and love part shade areas.
  • Not winter hardy - Dig up in the fall and store in a frost-free area.
  • Summer Flowering.
  • 1 Pack
  • Great for Containers & Mixed Borders




12" H

 Sun Requirements

Partial Sun



 Deer Resistant



March - May


June - Sept

 Plant depth


 Space apart



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