Greens Senposai Hybrid - Burpee Seeds
Greens Senposai Hybrid - Burpee Seeds

Greens Senposai Hybrid - Burpee Seeds

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Brassica rapa var. perviridis

HEIRLOOM. Fast growing, mildly sweet green ready in just 30 days!

Instant gratification. Pick and enjoy this fast-growing, mildly sweet green 30 days after sowing. Resembling collard greens, ‘Senposai’ is the flavorful cross of cabbage and Japanese mustard spinach. Think lettuce, but with larger, more tender leaves, imparting rich savory taste. Heat-tolerant plants—with hardy, compact rosettes up to 12" high, spreading 18" wide— dependably grow all year.

    600mg. of seed
    • Quick and easy to harvest.
    • Most can be cut in 30-55 days. Radicchios take up to 90 days to harvest.
    • Harvest baby leaves when 4-6 inches long.
    • Fresh salad greens can be cut at your own leisure, shortly before preparing salads.
    • Great for salads! Pick and choose leaves to combine colors, crispness and flavors from different varieties.
    • Cut when leaves are crisp, in the cool morning. Avoid harvest during times of intense heat.
    • Refrigerate the harvest to preserve until used.

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