Parsnip Hollow Crown - Burpee Seeds

Parsnip Hollow Crown - Burpee Seeds

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Pastinaca sativa

HEIRLOOM. Mild, white flesh is fine-grained.

Enjoyed for the nutty, sweet taste of the mild, white flesh, parsnips are a root garden must-have. Heirloom’s 12" long, 3" thick roots reveal their attractive flavor post-frost. Full-flavored parsnips are tantalizing roasted with potatoes, turnips, and other roots’; lend sweet heft to soups and stews. Lushly sweet complement to roasts. Thrives in deeply prepared soil.
105 days to maturity, full sun. 

1.8g of seed
  • For sweetest flavor, harvest parsnips after a light frost.
  • Continue to harvest parsnips all winter when the ground is not frozen.
  • In areas with severe winters, mulch the area in early winter to keep the ground from freezing as long as possible.
  • Harvest any remaining parsnips in the spring.
  • Try roasting, for a delicate, sweet earthy treat.
  • When storing, keep in the refrigerator in a plastic bag to retain moisture. Parsnips may be stored 2-6 months this way.
  • Parsnips may be frozen after blanching. They may also be canned.

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