Tulip, Narcissi & Hyacinths Calypso Breeze pink yellow and purple
Tulip, Narcissi & Hyacinths Calypso Breeze, 20 pack

Tulip, Narcissi & Hyacinths Calypso Breeze, 20 pack

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A member of the Lilly family, bright and bold Hyacinths are quite the travellers. We commonly think of Hyacinths as Dutch Bulbs, and therefore, originating in the Netherlands. But, they really originated in Turkey. During the 1500's, traders brought them back to Europe and they found a perfect home in the soil and climate of the Netherlands. Later, they were introduced into the United States, and quickly gained popularity. Hyacinths are a beautiful and fragrant spring flowering bulb. There are many varieties of Hyacinths. Colors include purple, blue, white, pink, and yellow.

Narcissi, are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring. You'll just love growing Narcissi as they bring a promise of warmer weather, along with a burst of color to the still grey landscape of your yard and flowerbeds. A member of the Narcissus family, Narcissi originated in the woods of Europe. Like other bulbs, Narcissi are easy to grow. Pop a few a bulbs into your flower bed in the fall and Voila..... They awaken brightly in the spring!


    Pink, Yellow, & Purple

     Bulb Size


     Bloom Size

    16" H

     Sun Requirements

    Full to Part Sun



     Deer Resistant



    Sept - Dec


    Mar - April

     Plant depth


     Space apart