Canna Greenleaf Picasso

Canna Greenleaf Picasso

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A bold and unique flower, with yellow petals covered in red speckles, it is sure to make a captivating centerpiece in any garden or home. They should be planted in a sandy, chalky, or loamy soil that is moist, but well drained. The soil pH should fall between the levels of acidic and neutral. They like to be in habitats that give them full/partial sunlight. They are deer and rabbit tolerable and are also known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Lush tropical plants with thick leaves that produce masses of long lasting blooms.
  • Dig-up in the fall and store in a frost-free area.
  • Great for Containers & Mixed Borders.
  • Deer Resistant. 
  • 1 Pack


Yellow with red speckles



 Bulb Size

No. 1

 Sun Requirements

Full to Partial Sun



 Deer Resistant



March - May


July - Nov

 Plant depth


 Space apart



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