Carding Mill - David Austin Rose

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English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Large, deeply cupped blooms with a rich fruity fragrance.
  • Strong fragrance
  • Bred by David Austin
  • Suitable for zones 5 to 10
  • Good disease resistance

A flower of beautifully mixed shades of pink, apricot and yellow, overall, giving the impression of rich apricot. At the bud stage, when the petals are just starting to unfurl, the inside of the petals are a very rich, deep apricot as opposed to the paler, soft yellow undersides. When fully open the center of the flower is well filled with petals, their closeness giving the impression of a rich, apricot - pink. Around the center, the loose ring of petals curl in slightly and so show their pale apricot yellow undersides. It will quickly make a lovely, bushy, rounded shrub with quite straight stems, the many flowers nodding just slightly. There is a strong and beautiful myrrh fragrance.


‘Carding Mill’ is an excellent, vigorous, medium-sized shrub. Many flowers nod slightlyon its bushy growth habit.

Carding Mill is an extremely beautiful valley in the Long Mynd just to the west of our nursery in Shropshire.


 Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
 Growth Type Shrub Rose
 Sub Type English Leander Hybrid
 Color Apricot
 Fragrance Strength Strong Fragrance
 Flowering Repeat Flowering
 Disease Resistance Good
 Height 4 ft
 Width 3 ft
 Breeder David Austin
 Year of Introduction 2004
 Suitable for zones Zones 5 - 10
 Petal Count 80 petals