Chukar Cherries Honey Pecans 6.5 oz
Chukar Cherries Honey Pecans 7.5 oz
Chukar Cherries Honey Pecans 6.75 oz

Chukar Cherries Honey Pecans 6.75 oz

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  • Small batch premium chocolate paired with naturally dried cherries, berries, & nuts
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Honey Pecans 6.75 oz

Honey-roasted praline pecans doused in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar. Roasted with honey to achieve a praline finish.


Why Chukar Cherries?

Chukar is renowned for being highly giftable, fruit forward, and capturing the Pacific Northwest in style and taste.

Chukar guarantees: Made Fresh, Shipped Fast.

Farm to Table

Chukar Cherries crafts almost everything they sell at their factory headquarters in the Yakima Valley fruit lands of Washington. Chukar Cherries uses certified organic locally sourced fresh cherry varietals like Bing, Rainier, and Montmorency tart that are tree-ripened by local growers.

Clean Ingredients, No Preservatives

Chukar Cherries layers their naturally dried cherries, nuts, and berries in premium chocolate to craft swoon-worthy confections. Their dried cherries mixed with fresh-roasted nuts yield delicious, nutritious no sugar added energy snacks.

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