Bean Fava Windsor - Cornucopia Seeds

Bean Fava Windsor - Cornucopia Seeds

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Bean Fava Windsor

Favas' history dates to Biblical times and they are enjoyed in Italian, Middle Eastern and Greek cooking. The delicious nutty flavor is like a blend of limas and peas. Cool season. 85 days.

Light Full sun
Row spacing 2 feet
Plant spacing 6 inches
Planting depth 1 inch
Days to germination 8-12 
Plant height 3-4 feet

Gardener's Notes: Fava beans are a cool season crop and prefer a moist, cool soil to grow best. Plant in very early spring, or in mild winter climates, sow as a fall crop to over winter and bear pods in spring. Plant fava beans 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart. The plants are not harmed by light frost.  The 1 inch side, 5 inch to 8 inch long pods contain 5 to 6 large beans.