Organic Bean Kentucky Wonder - Cornucopia Seeds

Organic Bean Kentucky Wonder - Cornucopia Seeds

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Organic pole beans seeds

One of the most popular old-fashioned pole beans producing broad, meaty, stringless 9-inch pods that can be eaten fresh, preserved or as dried shell beans. Harvest 66 days.

Light Full sun
Row spacing
3 feet
Plant spacing
6 inches
Planting depth
1.5 inches
Days to germination
Plant height
5-8 feet

Gardener's Notes: Beans need warm weather and fertile, well-drained soil. Plant in late spring after temperatures reach 70F. Form a tripod with three 6-8FT poles. Sow 4-6 seeds around each pole. Thin to 3 or 4 plants per pole. To plant in rows, space seeds every 2 inches, support vines. Keep soil moist. Harvest pods when 8-9 inches long, before seeds inside develop. Pick ripe pods daily to keep plants productive.

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