Chard Fordhook Giant - Cornucopia Seeds

Chard Fordhook Giant - Cornucopia Seeds

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Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris

Produces in the heat of summer. Deeply crinkled, vitamin-rich greens are delicious steamed or sauteed and make a good substitute for spinach. Stems can be steamed like asparagus. Harvesting in 60 days and continue until frost.

3000 mg (3 g)

Light Full sun
Row spacing 18 inches
Plant spacing 12-18 inches
Planting depth 1 inch
Days to germination 7-10
Plant height 2-2.5 feet

Gardener's Notes: In spring after last frost direct sow seeds in fertile, well-drained soil. Space seeds 2-3 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Thin to 12-18 inches apart when plants are large enough to handle. Begin harvesting outer leaves and stems when plants are 6-8 inches tall, cutting stems off just above soil level. In mild climates, plant again in later summer or early fall for winter harvest. Tolerates light frost. 

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