Corn Sweet Precious Gem Hybrid - Cornucopia Seeds

Corn Sweet Precious Gem Hybrid - Cornucopia Seeds

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Corn Sweet Precious Gem Hybrid

A delicious summer treat from your garden. Large, 9-inch ears are filled with tender, bicolored yellow and white kernels exploding with delicious sweet flavor. Mid-season variety. Harvest in 80 days. Sugar Enhanced (se) type.

Light Full sun
Row spacing 3 feet
Plant spacing 12 inches
Planting depth 1.5 inches
Days to germination 7-10
Plant height 6-8 feet

Gardener's Notes: Plant in late spring after soil has warmed and night temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Corn needs full sun and fertile soil. Plant 3-4 seeds per foot. For better pollination, plant in blocks of many short rows, rather than long rows. Thin seedlings when 2-3 inches tall. Sow new blocks every 2 weeks to extend harvest. Water regularly. Harvest when silks turn brown and ears feel full, about 3 weeks after silks appear.